LLP "Lindas" develops and implements projects on arrangement of power facilities:

For the implementation of these projects we use the equipment of domestic and foreign producers.


One of the key developments LLP "Lindas" is a system based on the Web platform, which is open source software that lets you add devices and to make changes without involvement of the developer.


LLP "Lindas" provides a full range of works on creation of automated control systems of technological processes in the oil and gas industry, such as:

Qualification of the specialists of the LLP "Lindas" allows to construct a system of APCS on any type of controllers and SCADA - top-level system.


Complex ADCS is designed to organize the collection, processing, reporting and archiving of data from various departments and divisions of the enterprise and the various subsystems SCADA / AMR, OilInfoSistem, SAP R3. ADCS is designed to provide a process of continuous and targeted collection, transformation and presentation of informative indicators for analysis, planning, preparation and implementation of management decisions on the basis of information provided by the operational process in real time.

The most important aspects:


To ensure the efficiency of our systems, for full-featured customer service we provide a full range of services in the field of communication within the systems (LAN, optical fiber, radio link). LLP "Lindas" has very extensive experience in implementing wireless communication link configured to VHF range on WiMAX technology and existing mobile operators. For building systems is used world manufacturers equipment, such as Motorola Canopy and SkyMAN. Specialists of the LLP "Lindas" in the selection of the equipment determined by the coverage network configuration and subscriber base stations

LLP "Lindas" constantly engaged in the development of advanced and innovative systems in the following areas: